No Resolutions for 2014 – Just Solutions!

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With 2014 upon us and everyone always making resolutions, I find myself asking the same question. Do I need a resolution? It seems most people fail when they make a resolution and then they feel bad and guilty that they did not fulfill the resolution. So for 2014 I am going for solutions.

Solutions to the ailments I am having from being over 50. Solutions to the way I will treat people whether they are nice to me or not. Solutions to make my life richer (not in the materialistic way but in the emotional, spiritual kind of way).

My first thing will be to stretch daily and foam roll for the aches and pains I incur when getting out of bed (yes just getting out of bed). How hard is it really to walk downstairs and do some foam rolling for 10 to 15 minutes? Not hard at all but yet somehow it seems to elude me. Not this year, I will do it and do it with conviction. And after I am done I will feel so much better. I always do. Nothing better than a deep tissue massage.

Next when I am confronted with the angry person, the hater, and the crabby abbey, I will simply smile and wish them a good day. It’s that time of year where they are everywhere. In the grocery store, in the gym, on the streets (oh yeah, and if they flip me the bird I will wave back graciously). Well at least I will try very hard to. I will try my best to be the bigger person.

I will work on making my dream in life a reality. I am a beach boater girl and yet I am living in Michigan. I will make it my goal to at least explore the other avenues we could create to really put us where we should be. I say we as this is a team dream. My husband and I would love nothing more than to live on a boat for a short time and maybe end up gypsies in our old age. Meaning traveling and being closer to the kids and possibly grandkids. Did I say that?? Yes I did and don’t get me wrong I am in no hurry but I will welcome them with open arms when the time comes. Life is flying by and it’s time to stop sitting around and letting it pass us by. Time for solutions.

Health & Happiness in 2014!