What do you really want out of life?

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Well after years of wanting to control things in my life, I have decided that the saying “we make plans and god laughs” is more than true.

Back in my 30’s and even in my early 40’s I thought I knew what it was I wanted. Being a bit of a perfectionist I always wanted to have a clean organized nice home, well behaved children, a big lawn and flower bed I could retreat to. I had a career where I was in control and that could afford me a nice vacation every now and then. These are some of the things that made me feel good inside. Everyone has a little OCD and this is part of mine, I say with a smile. Or maybe a smirk.

I am somewhat better today. I say better because, to this day I like to have a clean house and freshly washed sheets on my bed when I leave for vacation. This is not for anyone one else but me. I say that so you understand that these perfect things I want and do are not to show to others, they are simply things I need for my own well-being and sanity. I even tell people it’s kind of a curse. But it’s what makes me, me.

They say life is all about balance right? Well to me that is what makes me balanced. Now being in my 50’s my goals in life have really changed. And the things I want for my children have also changed. I want for me simply to be healthy and happy and make others happy too. I want to enjoy the little things around me and not need for much. As far as my kids, I really want the same things. Health being number one and happiness number two. I just see too many kids these days that do not care or take the time to be healthy. I have been fortunate enough that my children while not perfect, have found a balance in life and things that truly do make them healthy. And I think when you are healthy the happiness comes naturally.

I no longer need the career to validate me or who I am. I could care less about the house and the stuff that goes in it. Honestly if I lived in a grass hut on an island I would be okay. However, I do like the amenities such as running water and a bathroom. Those things I could probably not live without. And just let me tell you, if I lived in a grass hut it would be very clean and organized. Funny maybe, but that’s just me.

So do whatever makes you happy! For me I just might be making bracelets on a beach someday. Hopefully I will see you there.

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