What helps you when you’re sore?

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I seem to be waking up everyday with more aches and pains than ever before. How can that be I ask myself? I am eating right, getting enough sleep and exercising and stretching like I should. Then why is it I don’t wake up with a renewed energy and feeling great? I guess I am not thirty anymore. Or even forty for that matter.

I hate to say it but I think my age has something to do with it. Yes it is just a number but it also means your body has been through a lot and just like anything else it does tend to get a little weaker and more fragile.  I have found something that helps and it’s my new best friend, the foam roller. I know I’ve talked about it before but it seems I need it now more than ever.

Foam rolling your IT band is very common, but the thing I foam roll the most is my back. Having had back surgery at a very young age of 35 (and the best thing I ever did) I still find I have an achy back quite often. Not that it hurts but it is just a part of life and it does have its moments. The foam roller to me is like having a deep tissue massage without the expense. You can stretch and do yoga and whatever else works for you, but nothing gets into the tissue like a foam roller.

Now I’m not one to complain about things, so many of you might think I am like a machine and since I am in good shape I don’t have any issues. Well that is simply not true. I just chose not to share everything with the world. I prefer my privacy when it comes to medical issues or things that tend to be more negative. I would rather focus on the positive things in my life and be grateful for what I do have.

The only reason I am telling you this now is to suggest to those of you that might be suffering as you get older with aches and pains that you can get relief with something as simple as a foam roller. It honestly can be used on any part of your body that is giving you a hard time and only takes about 10 minutes a day. So give it a try and let me know what you think.

Health & Happiness!  Janet