It’s called Healthy! NOT skinny

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I have to write about this as my husband and I have encountered this numerous times in the past few years.
We are on a path of eating healthy and staying fit. With that comes an added bonus like dropping pounds or in terms most women will understand, dropping dress sizes. That however is not the intent when we started this journey to being healthier.

Back in 2009 we did a transformation contest and everyone’s goals were different. Mine was to simply get my body more sculpted. I had no desire to lose weight. My husband’s goal was to drop a few pounds and get stronger. We both did the challenge for 90 days. We cleaned up our eating and changed our workouts to include more HIIT (high intensity interval training).

At the end of the 90 days I had dropped 15 pounds unintentionally and felt better than ever. I was not skinny but fit and healthy. I felt the best I had in years. My husband ended up losing 25 pounds and I had never seen him in such good shape. He had muscles I had never seen before.

After doing that we vowed to each other to maintain this healthy lifestyle. We are human so we do get off track every now and again. The thing that drives me crazy is when we see people like family or friends they immediately say, “You’re so skinny” or “you’re too skinny”. They say it as if that is a compliment or even worse as if that is a bad thing. I am always tempted to tell my husband to rip his shirt off and show them how skinny he is…. Oops. What they would see is a very fit man with bulging biceps. Yes I am small but I can guarantee you I have bigger arms and legs than most girls I know. Not holding more fat, but most definitely holding more muscle. In clothes we may appear thin, but in reality we are very fit and healthy. I guess with my age being over 50, actually approaching 54 I probably am getting thinner. But hey I am trying hard to keep that muscle that I worked so hard for.

In one of my videos I had posted I had a comment from someone wondering, “Did I ever struggle with any issues with weight?” My response was yes! When I was younger I actually tried to put on weight. Whether you are struggling to lose weight or put it on, they are both struggles.

I just want everyone to be the best they can be! Heath & Happiness, Janet