Why am I feeling this way?

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So I’m not really sure how to start this, other than what the hell is going on with me? And I say that to you as I am not a complainer and I hate wearing my heart on my sleeve (something I very rarely do).
But for some reason in the last few months I am not feeling super motivated, or for that matter I am just bored. How can that be I ask myself? I am very very busy with jobs, training, cooking and simply living. But yet I find myself feeling not quite where I want to be. Is that physically or mentally I has myself? I think a little of both I tell myself. Now should I be worrying that I am talking to myself and answering myself? No I think that is perfectly normal and we probably all do it once in a while.
Maybe it has something to do with the change of seasons and knowing that the weather is not going to be conducive to the way I like to live. Meaning getting outside, having the windows open, enjoying the beauty around us.
Okay… I must, and repeat I must get back on track. Make some commitments to myself to get back to blogging regularly. Also with the cold weather comfort foods are coming to mind. However I have already tackled that one. I am making and baking comfort foods with a healthy twist. My workouts have not faltered so that’s one less thing I will have to focus on.
I have finished reading a great book and I have to give credit to my son Jeremy since he is the one that wrote it. If you’re interested, Make Success Mandatory. It really made me look at my life and be grateful for what I do have and put some things into perspective for me. There are some interactive things in the book that I am working on that will totally help this feeling I am having.

Make Success Mandatory

So if any of you are looking for a great easy read and want to simply get your life back on track, check it out. Seriously it will not disappoint!

Health & Happiness! Janet