Put down the phone please

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Yes I am talking to you. But I am also talking to myself (as sad as that is, it is true). I became acutely aware of it a year ago or so at a family function. With my husband’s family it was more prevalent than ever. I am guessing because of the size of his family it made a bigger impact than usual.
We had all sat down for dinner and of course there were numerous phones on the dinner table. Then after dinner I noticed instead of the kids playing games like they used to they were huddled on the couch and staring at their phone screens. Some of them never even engaged in conversation the whole time I was there. I’m guessing that was about 4 or 5 hours.
Now personally for me when it comes to my bed, I draw the line. It was to the point that when we were both in bed we were staring at our phones. I was left feeling lonely, even though I was laying right next to my husband. And I was naked. Yes I know that’s too much information, but it’s the truth.
I knew then and there we had to make a rule that once we got to bed (and we always go at the same time together) that we had to put our phones away. There should be no reason that when you go to bed with your spouse you feel lonely.
I know the phone offers so much more these days (games, news, sports, etc.). We have become a social media world and if we don’t keep up we will be the odd man out. So I am not suggesting you throw it away all together. I just think there is a time and place for everything.
I am simply suggesting that when you’re talking to someone or out to dinner with someone or in bed with someone that you put your phone away. Give that person your full undivided attention. Just be present in the moment and make that person feel as if what they are saying means something to you. Because I am guessing they really do mean something to you. You simply have to show it. You will be pleasantly surprised how good you will make them feel and how great you will feel for doing it.
Trust me your phone isn’t going anywhere and I can speak from being on both ends of that situation, it’s just better to be in the moment minus the phone.
I know this was not fitness related, or was it? I guess you could say playing outside or making love is somewhat fitness related. So as usual I will end this with:

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