The Farmers Market is the Best!

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This last weekend I was able to get out the Eastern Farmers Market. It’s one of the biggest ones in Detroit and somewhere I have never been before. I had heard so much about it and how great the flowers, produce, and herbs are that I have been wanting to go there for quite some time.
Not only was I surprised by the number of people that were there, but I was also surprised at how much produce there was to pick from and at the number of street performers there were singing, tap dancing and playing instruments. How is it I had never gone down there in all these years? I had been to our little markets outside of my city, but nothing like this.
We bought mostly fruits and vegetables. It was table after table and most of them were organic. You did have the occasional person with crates from other states that they sold but I tried to stay with the organic foods. Organic simply means foods that are not processed and never treated with synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Foods grown naturally in god’s great earth. So much healthier and tastier too.
I was excited to get home and see what we could make. I wanted to get back to eating lots of salads and juicing because honestly it makes me feel better and look better. After vacation and eating too many crappy foods I just wasn’t feeling the best. I think its okay to indulge once in a while but definitely stay with the healthy basics most of the time. I pride myself on making sure we get enough greens in daily. After making a few salads with the fresh kale I decided to start sautéing it. It was just a little too rough for me when thrown in the salad.
My favorite salad that I will share with you is made with lots of cut up veggies. You can use whatever you want. Then I make a super light dressing with simply olive oil, lemon juice and a splash of Apple Cider Vinegar. Now you all know how good that is for you. And if you don’t I will cover that on another blog. Sometimes I sprinkle some parsley or dill on it. Mix it all up and throw it in the refrigerator for a few hours.
My veggies of choice are normally spinach, peppers, cucumbers, cauliflower, tomatoes, and then I usually throw in some Kalamata olives simply because I like them. If you want added protein just add some chick peas. They go great with salads and are a great source of protein. Try and find the freshest vegetables you can. And by going to your Farmers Market you are getting exactly that and supporting your local farmers. The prices were unbelievably low. And that was a great plus to me as I have been really bothered by the amount of money I have been spending at the grocery store for produce that is not so fresh and definitely not grown locally.
So if you’re looking for something simple, fresh and healthy. There you have it.
Health & Happiness! Janet