Incorporate fitness into your everyday life!

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Pulling weeds from the gardenWell I asked some people randomly what they wanted to read on my blogs. Ways to get your fitness in just doing the things you do on a daily/weekly basis was one response.
After thinking about it and taking a poll of friends and family I did find that we can incorporate fitness in the things we do all day long. It starts with simply taking charge of your life and not taking the easy way out or letting others do everything for you. I personally am a very independent women so for me it’s not so hard. I am a little OCD with some things and in fact I usually am loading the dishwasher before my husband is even done eating and still needing his utensils. Oh well, maybe I wash more dishes than I need to and squat more.
Let’s talk about things like going to the grocery store. First of all, park as far away as you can. It does a body good to walk through the parking lot. Not to mention you are saving your vehicle from the car dings that tend to happen when you park closer (you all know what I am talking about). Then go ahead and bag your own groceries. I find I usually rearrange them anyway if I let them bag the groceries for me. It makes sense to do your own and it might strengthen your arms a little more. And absolutely put your grocery cart back where it belongs. It only takes a few extra minutes. Don’t be the lazy one that leaves it there by the car (if anyone knows me they know I have put back many carts that did NOT belong to me). One of my all-time pet peeves.
Take the stairs whenever possible. No need to take the elevator unless you are running late for something. Make it challenging or fun by doing lunges on the steps or skipping a step in between. I personally don’t like elevators anyway. The thought of being stuck in one actually freaks me out a bit. A little extra leg work never hurt anyone.
Pull weeds. I have been guilty myself of not pulling the weeds around my house and eventually it looks like I am growing some corn stalks with the size of them. That’s not good considering it would have taken me no more than a half of an hour to an hour to pull them and again it would have probably gave my arms a good pump. Or worked my lats depending on the position of my body.
Grab your stability big ball and use it as your chair at your desk. It can be a little challenging as you have to balance as well as get your work done. I am actually at a desk more than I’d like, so using the ball as a chair helps me engage my core and also I add a bounce every now and then to tighten my glutes. I know it sounds a little crazy, but why not?
When traveling and going through the airport, skip the automatic walkway. It really is a hike if you walk from gate 22 to 74. It’s the little things in life that really do add up.
You can even get exercise when brushing your teeth. Do some squats and make it count. It really is easier than you think. Give it a try!!

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