Yes you should be eating Ginger

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You may or may not know it but for months I suffered from severe Vertigo. Yes after some eye surgery for some reason I woke up in the middle of the night spinning and sweating. Spinning from the Vertigo and sweating from the panic attack that was setting in. What the hell was going on I thought?
My first thought was “oh no they made a mistake on my surgery” and I immediately called the surgeon who had done that eye surgery (since it literally happened 7 hours after the surgery). He assured me that everything had gone as planned in the surgery and it was not related. I guess what was he going to say? So I was left with this spinning dizzy sensation wondering what I should do.
I started trying anything that might help. I knew somehow my ear crystals had been moved around (yes I said ear crystals) and we all have them. Mine was left side related. Meaning every time I looked to the left or rolled over to the left I was sent into a tailspin (not literally) but hey it sure felt like it to me. If you have never experienced vertigo it is basically like the time you got too drunk and you were spinning in the bed. Just a horrible feeling and you have no control. Or so I thought.
I first tried the pills that the doctors had prescribed me which was valium. Well those just made me loopy and wanting to lay on the couch all day. That was not an option as I had to work and wanted to be able to continue to workout. So I then did some research on my own and found that the spice ginger is known to aid in many different things. From digestion to helping prevent colds, flu, motion sickness and vertigo. Yes it helps Vertigo. So you guessed it, I went out immediately and got some ginger root.
Well I started using Ginger daily in juices, foods and teas. The Ginger along with daily Brandt Daroff exercises eventually made my Vertigo go away. I do occasionally have a moment or two but now I no longer panic and know it will pass. You can use ginger in the powder form or use fresh grated ginger root if you like (which I prefer). Try adding it to your daily water or tea with some lemon juice and raw honey for added flavor and healing benefits. Now my point is Ginger is really used for so many more things than most of us even know. It contains compounds that make it a great anti-inflammatory and is especially beneficial for those of us who suffer from muscle and joint pain. I use it daily and I can say it really does work. Give it a try.

Health & Happiness! Janet