Being Fit Over 50

What makes a Salad healthy?

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The reason I am writing about this is because there are so many people out there that are eating salads thinking they are healthy and really have no idea what’s in them and what nutritional value they hold, if any. I eat salads almost every day but now I know what should and should not be in them. Get rid of the Iceberg lettuce (pretty much worthless when it comes to nutritional value) and 90% water. I am not saying it has no vitamins but it sure doesn’t carry the…read more


Blueberries are the Bomb!

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Anyone that knows me knows that I always have an abundant supply of blueberries on hand. I usually eat them as a snack right out of the freezer, or I thaw them and throw them in my greek yogurt with a little vanilla and some chia seeds. But when I first pick up my blueberries they are the best just eaten out of the container. Now it’s a yearly tradition to go out to the west side of the state in early August and go blueberry picking. If you don’t…read more


Five Tips to keep you on Track!

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For those of you that don’t know me I am a bit of a perfectionist. I call it a curse sometimes, but it is what it is. I am almost 55 (yikes) but it’s true and I am finally in a place where I am just maintaining what I have. I am not looking to lose weight or gain weight. I just want to stay where I am at and be happy. I truly think it has to be a lifestyle you embrace to be a healthier you. Not that…read more


The Farmers Market is the Best!

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This last weekend I was able to get out the Eastern Farmers Market. It’s one of the biggest ones in Detroit and somewhere I have never been before. I had heard so much about it and how great the flowers, produce, and herbs are that I have been wanting to go there for quite some time. Not only was I surprised by the number of people that were there, but I was also surprised at how much produce there was to pick from and at the number of street performers…read more


Supplements for women over 50?

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I’m going to share with you what I do. Not that I am an expert or a nutritionist. But I do live a healthy lifestyle and get asked all the time what do you eat? What supplements do you take? How do you stay so young? Well that last statement is debatable at best. I appreciate the compliment, but like the rest of you over 50 there are days I just don’t feel so young. Now I guess it’s all in how you look at it. Because I can imagine…read more


Strength training at 40 and 50, or 60 for that matter!

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So many people are under the misconception that you should not be strength training when you get older. That theory is absolutely ridiculous and I’m here to squash any of that so called thinking. In fact one of best examples out there is a women who didn’t even start training until well into her 50’s. She knows just as I do that age is just a number, and she is now in the best shape of her life. You are never too old to start getting stronger and healthier. I…read more


Should you train differently after turning 50?

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Well one word, absolutely! It wasn’t easy for me, but I have learned to modify my training. People ask me this all the time and yes of course I train differently. It’s not that I don’t train as hard as I used to, but I just train differently. This isn’t my first blog about training and I’m sure it won’t be my last. One thing I do is stretch. When I was in my 30’s and 40’s I just didn’t take the time or know how to really stretch. After…read more


It’s called Healthy! NOT skinny

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I have to write about this as my husband and I have encountered this numerous times in the past few years. We are on a path of eating healthy and staying fit. With that comes an added bonus like dropping pounds or in terms most women will understand, dropping dress sizes. That however is not the intent when we started this journey to being healthier. Back in 2009 we did a transformation contest and everyone’s goals were different. Mine was to simply get my body more sculpted. I had no…read more


Menopause – Will exercise help?

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Well I’m not even sure if I know what I am talking about. I’m sure that really makes you want to read this blog too. Well I say that because I have been without my period for about 10 months now. So I guess I am going through menopause. I have heard all the horror stories about mood swings, depression, bed sweats or just sweats in general. And then of course the dreaded lack of sexual desire (sex being painful) and weight gain. So with all that said I am…read more


Is Bison really better for you?

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Lately we’ve been trying to add some different proteins into our meals at our house. I always make the same assortment of things like Chicken, Fish, Steak, etc. We’ve also been using the grass fed beef for burgers as well. So now we decided to try Bison. I asked my husband the other night? What is Bison? He said “Buffalo”. Then I said “Why don’t they just call it buffalo?” That got me to thinking so I started to research it and this is what I found. Apparently the two…read more