Being Fit Over 50

Eating Healthy is not Brain Surgery

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I know with so many different things on the market and so many different opinions out there as to what to eat, it can seem like an overwhelming task. One of the first things I do with my clients is have them track their food. Keep a food log! You can use a tablet (a bit old school but some prefer that). Or you can use apps like My Fitness Pal. You simply input your food and it calculates all of your calories and keeps track of protein, carbs, fats,…read more


What do you really want out of life?

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Well after years of wanting to control things in my life, I have decided that the saying “we make plans and god laughs” is more than true. Back in my 30’s and even in my early 40’s I thought I knew what it was I wanted. Being a bit of a perfectionist I always wanted to have a clean organized nice home, well behaved children, a big lawn and flower bed I could retreat to. I had a career where I was in control and that could afford me a…read more

They Grow up fast – Make the most of it!

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Kids! If you have them you know what I am talking about. You remember the day they were born and then you turn around and all of a sudden they are starting school. Now you are watching them get their driver’s license. Where has the time gone? Now more than ever I want to write this blog. I feel this way and I never even had a cell phone when my kids were growing up. I cannot imagine how the time goes by with all the social media stuff out…read more


No Resolutions for 2014 – Just Solutions!

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With 2014 upon us and everyone always making resolutions, I find myself asking the same question. Do I need a resolution? It seems most people fail when they make a resolution and then they feel bad and guilty that they did not fulfill the resolution. So for 2014 I am going for solutions. Solutions to the ailments I am having from being over 50. Solutions to the way I will treat people whether they are nice to me or not. Solutions to make my life richer (not in the materialistic…read more


What are friends for?

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For me my friends are my life lines. They are my sisters from another mother. They are the ones I can count on when times get tough. They are my go to people when I need answers. They make me laugh, they make me cry. Friends are simply something I cannot live without. Each and every one of my friends holds a very special place in my heart in a very unique way. No two are alike and that is what makes each one of them so special. I left…read more


Is Divorce ever done right?

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With Thanksgiving right around the corner I’d like to touch on a few things I am very thankful for. I am thankful to be blessed with a great family. My family meaning my immediate family. My husband, my son, my daughter and my ex-husband. Yes I said my ex-husband. They are the four most important people in my life and who I would give my life for. Now what I mean is if they ever needed anything from me and I could help, I would. No questions asked. Now some of you…read more